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1.  What is our Mission?

Our mission has been to establish programs to aid in the prevention of juvenile delinquency. The focus is primarily on 'at-risk' youth with attention in building self-esteem, and the development of character in both the youth and parent. Through the continued partnership with federal, state, and local governments as well as funding through corporate sponsorship and the community, this organization provides services at no charge to our youth.

2.  How can you help?

    •    Could you share your job experiences with a visit to your worksite or in a group discussion?
    •    Do you have access to other opportunities to learn, to have fun?
    •    Or maybe you would like to help with the donation of a special need item, or give a     financial donation.
3.  When was Smart Choices for Youth, Inc. established?

Smart Choices For Youth, Inc. has been dedicated to the needs and services of at-risk and disadvantaged youth in Eastern North Carolina since 1989.  Our home office is located in Wilson, NC.

4.  What is the age range of Wayne County YouthBuild participants?

You have to be between 16 to 24 years of age at the time of enrollment.  There are no exceptions to this qualification.

5.  How long is the Wayne County YouthBuild program?
Youth Build is a 9-12-month program cycle.  During this time, students enrolled in YouthBuild complete a rigorous academic and job-readiness curriculum.

6.  How long has YouthBuild been in existence?

For almost 25 years Youth Build has harnessed the positive energy of unemployed young adult’s ages 16-24 years of age to rebuild their communities and their own lives through a commitment to work, education, responsibility, and family. The Youth Build model was established by Dorothy Stoneman of East Harlem, New York in 1978. The model has since expanded to more than 200 communities nationwide.

7.  What are the essential components of a YouthBuild program?

There are five concrete components that must be present in any YouthBuild program if it is to be successful in transforming lives and communities:
    •    Education      
    •    Construction
    •    Leadership
    •    Counseling
    •    Graduate Services and Career Development

8.  What will I gain from being in the Wayne County YouthBuild  program?

    •    Earn your GED or High School Equivalency
    •    Develop Leadership Skills
    •    Become Work-Ready, Drug Free, and Employable
    •    Obtain a Certificate in Construction Trades Training and other employable trades
    •    Get Job Placement Assistance

9. What is the first step of Wayne County YouthBuild?

Complete and submit the online Wayne County YouthBuild application.  Once the application is submitted a staff member will call you to confirm receipt of the application.  If you do not hear from a staff member in 48 hours, please call the office at 252-243-2900 for confirmation.  You will then be notified of the next upcoming Mental Toughness Orientation.

10. What does Mental Toughness Orientation do for me?

Mental Toughness Orientation hopes to help the students attain “mental toughness” to prepare for employment. It also allows interested applicants the opportunity to see if they are willing to be committed to the challenge of changing their lives.  Once completing the Mental Toughness Orientation, selected applicants will be offer trainees opportunity to enroll in a GED or High School Equivalency classes and apprentice training in specific skilled trades.
11. Do you get a paid while in Wayne County YouthBuild?

Yes.  However, you are paid for your community service, daily attendance, commitment to educational and personal goals agreed upon once enrolled into the program. You will be paid for building homes for low income families while rebuilding your own life.